Annual Checkup

Take care of your dentures with regular annual check ups.

Annual denture checkup appointments are a good way to maintain the lifetime of your dentures and prevent health conditions. Visit Sydenham Denture Clinic today for your annual checkup. As part of your checkup, you will receive a free denture cleaning service! ($99 value)

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shadow Annual Checkup

What do you get with your denture checkup appointment?

  • Review the fit of dentures on your gums
  • Check your bite alignment
  • Examine gums for soreness
  • Check the teeth of the dentures
  • Complete denture cleaning & whitening

Why do an annual denture checkup?

We often notice during the annual denture checkup that one side of the denture might be more worn out. This tells us that the person might have a ‘clenching’ habit, or tends to eat more on one side of the mouth.

It’s important to find these issues in the early stages of denture life in order to avoid breakage, muscle soreness and muscle atrophy. All these affect the health of your gums and the retention of the denture. During your annual denture checkup we will also assess if your denture needs a reline.

Above all, the annual checkup comes with a free denture cleaning service ($99 value).

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Start your journey with an appointment, which includes:

  • Oral Exam With Gum Health Checkup
  • Check your existing dentures (if you have)
  • Discuss the best dentures for you