Denture Soft Liners

Denture soft liners are a great option for individuals who have tender gums.

Denture soft liners are made from a soft material that is attached to the base of the dentures. Soft liners act like pillows to help you to feel more comfort on your gums. At Sydenham Denture Clinic we recommend denture soft liners if you have sensitive gums.

Do You Need Soft Liners?
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Do You Need Soft Liners?

During your denture review appointment, if we discover that you have sensitive gums, we will recommend you denture soft liners. Soft liners can be attached to your denture at our in-house lab as part of our full denture service.

Keep in mind that although denture soft liners greatly increase the comfort of your gums, they do require special care and cleaning. We will review these options during your appointment.

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Denture Soft Liners For Maximum Comfort

Sydenham Denture Clinic offers high quality denture soft liners for people with sensitive gums. Our denturist utilize the latest dental technologies to ensure that your dentures give you a comfortable and natural smile.

We’d love to meet you in person. Request a free consultation to find out if you need denture soft liners, and what type of dentures are best for you.

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