Same-Day Repair

Have a broken denture and need it repaired today?

Visit Sydenham Denture Clinic today to get your denture repaired in our in-house lab. With hundreds of satisfied Owen Sound customers, we are proud to offer same-day denture repairs. Please call to make an appointment.

How Does It Work?
shadow Same-Day Repair

How Does it Work?

We can typically repair your denture within several hours, if you bring it in before noon.

Please note that not all broken dentures can be repaired. When you come into the clinic we will be able to assess your denture and see if it’s repairable.

Call to book an appointment.

Book Your Consultation

Start your journey with an appointment, which includes:

  • Oral Exam With Gum Health Checkup
  • Check your existing dentures (if you have)
  • Discuss the best dentures for you