Denture Wearers: Fact Sheet

  • Dentures should normally not be worn for more than seven to ten years without being replaced or refitted.
  • All dentures are not created equal. Dentures are just like anything else you buy, you get what you pay for. High impact plastics, specially hardened composite teeth and impressions that incorporate the movements of the tongue and cheeks are not included in lower priced dentures.
  • Dentures are still custom made for each patient by hand so the proper selection of the Denturist making your denture is very important. The more qualified he is the better able he will be to deal with your special needs.
  • Dentures should not cause continual irritation or soreness.
  • Dentures can hide evidence of oral pathology. An annual examination of the oral tissues by a Denturist is highly recommended.
  • Dentures should usually fit comfortably without the need for adhesives to maintain a secure fit.
  • As a person ages the mouth gets smaller. It’s a normal process that ultimately results in loose dentures. In many cases the dentures do not need replacing but simply relining.
  • The use of a drug store type adhesive is a sign that your mouth has started to get smaller. Their constant use may lead to stomach aches and pains simply because they mix with your saliva and are constantly swallowed.
  • Denture teeth that continually keep breaking is a sign of an improper bite. Improper bites can lead to TMJ problems, headaches, tissue soreness etc.
  • Regular tooth paste that is made to be used on natural teeth like Colgate or Crest etc. should not be used on dentures. They are too abrasive and will eventually thin out the plastic base or teeth causing premature wear and breakage.
  • Older dentures can develop weak areas that may result in fractures of the denture base or denture teeth.

These are just a few of the often, unknown facts about dentures. Modern technology in denture construction allows us to make your dentures as natural as you would like. The benefits of high quality denture materials provide you with ultrathin dentures which are aesthetically pleasing and virtually unbreakable.