Upper Dentures

Creating natural looking upper dentures to make your smile irresistible.

Upper dentures are used to fill the empty teeth spaces in your upper ridge. At Sydenham Denture Clinic we have been crafting beautiful upper dentures for residents of Owen Sound region for years. Get in touch to see which denture is right for you.

How to Get Upper Dentures?
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Getting Upper Dentures

You can get upper dentures in 3 simple steps




What Our Clients Say

Upper Dentures

Sydenham Denture Clinic provides high quality upper dentures resulting in a comfortable and natural smile.

We utilize state of the art equipment to craft beautiful dentures, while ensuring they remain affordable.

Book a free appointment to see which denture is best for you.

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Start your journey with an appointment, which includes:

  • Oral Exam With Gum Health Checkup
  • Check your existing dentures (if you have)
  • Discuss the best dentures for you